the Tree of Life

The world drama cycle can be depicted as a tree, the Tree of Life, referred to in the Bible and other scriptures.

The seed

Like all trees the Tree of Life starts with a seed: this is God, working through and with her child souls, who together perform the act of "creation".

The trunk

From the seed grows a sapling - the golden-aged state of life when the drama is young and pure and straight. Gradually the sapling strengthens and expands, as more and more souls incarnate for the first time. Growth continues through the silver-aged phase until the copper-aged stage is reached and there is division: at this point the main branches start to appear.


The Tree continues growing taller and spreading new branches, which represent new religious philosophies and ideologies, and all the time the tree is growing further and further away from the seed, further from the trunk, further from the time when truth, unity and harmony prevailed. Humanity loses its unity, its awareness of truth and purity, and goes off in different directions, to different lands, while the great prophet souls incarnate from the soul world to share a message of hope and guidance. Some listen, some follow, but it is only after these prophet souls leave their bodies that what they said and did is recorded in what later become the religious scriptures. These scriptures form the basis of the different branches of the tree of life - each branch a religious path with its set of beliefs, rituals, codes and truths which attract many followers. The main branches are Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam. Hindusim is a development of the main trunk, the original religion. Each religion is initially powerful, in its own golden-aged stage, and as time passes and the population increases, each passes through its own silver, copper, and iron stages, as the original branch fragments and separates into sub-branches and twigs as individuals interpret the original message in a new way.


Each leaf on the tree is a soul, and all souls are represented by a leaf. Leaves grow and age and fall as souls move from one incarnation to another. Some souls reincarnate on different branches at different times, and others will stay within one part of tree, depending on their role in the drama.


Now the Tree of Life has matured and is in full bloom. It is a beautiful sight: so much diversity and separation. Yet it is also now old and vulnerable, its strength being spread throughout its many branches. The trunk dies off and goes hollow as the confluence age is reached, and the Tree is ready die and topple, but not before its seeds release potential new life. The old Tree gives way to make space for a new sapling.

In the Tree of Life, we see the nature of growth and expansion of our world history: the movement from new to old, from strength and vitality to weakness and old age. We see the creation of seeds to bring regeneration, which in the Tree of Life is the role of God, the eternal Seed. The new tree is a spiritual one. It re-creates, renews, replenishes the spiritual energy within the old tree. And so we souls are replenished with spiritual energy through our connection with the Seed, and we become new life and ready to create and serve the new growth.